Bride of Frankenstein [hardcover]

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MIDNIGHT MOVIE MONOGRAPHS’—an ongoing series dedicated to outstanding genre titles


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MIDNIGHT MOVIE MONOGRAPH by Emma Westwood, Jez Conolly, Jon Towlson, T Bloom, Sally Christie, Dr Dan Golding, Dr Eloise Ross, Scott Essman, Stephen A. Russell, Lee Gambin, Dr Andrew Nette and Cerise Howard with a foreword by Sara Karloff.

Jacketed hardcover — ISBN  978-1-78636-880-5 [£20]


A cadaverous feast, an exquisite corpse brought to life before your eyes! Writer, journalist and mad scientist, Emma Westwood has edited and curated an essential collection of writing about one of the all-time classics of horror cinema, James Whale’s BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN.

From Jon Towlson’s analysis of the film’s censorship to Dr Dan Golding’s post-mortem of Franz Waxman’s score. From Sally Christie’s look at the Gothic feminine to Cerise Howard’s electrifying comparisons between Whale’s movie and Oldřich Lipský’s HAPPY END. A perfect surgeon’s bucket of glistening and glorious essays.

To celebrate this horrific birth, those evil geniuses at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab have produced three perfume oils to tie in with the publication of the book. BPAL’s T. Bloom  a contributor to the collection and a major player in bringing Elsa Lanchester’s memoirs back to life, explains: “We’ve concocted three new variations on BPAL’s original LIGHTNING perfume oil to showcase how elements of Mary Shelley’s original vision have continued to evolve over time, illuminating imaginations around the world.

  • LIGHTNING STRIKES LITERATURE - The incendiary moment when a human hand snatches fire from the gods of creativity and channels it onto the page: a lightning storm stirred with beeswax candle smoke, yellowing notebooks, and pools of India ink.
  • LIGHTNING STRIKES CINEMA - The scent of sitting in a darkened theater in a rainstorm circa 1935, marveling at the alchemy that transforms scribbled words into specters of light, shadow, and sound: dripping umbrellas, a nicotine haze clinging to musty velvet curtains, camphorous vapors rising from strips of hot celluloid.
  • LIGHTNING STRIKES THE FUTURE - Iconic images that ripple through decades of culture and counter-culture, forming an exquisite corpse of horror, glamour, intellectual discourse, and feminist rage that rises to meet the challenges of humanity's increasingly uncertain fate. The ultimate lab experiment: streaks of feral red musk twining in a double-helix around a pulsing, electrified core of fossilized amber, erupting from a glimmering pool of reactor coolant.

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