Catastrophia [eBook] edited by Allen Ashley

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Catastrophia [eBook] edited by Allen Ashley
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AN ANTHOLOGY of SF / Horror & Fantasy by various authors, edited by Allen Ashley


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AN ANTHOLOGY by various authors, edited by Allen Ashley

CATEGORY  SF / Horror & Fantasy



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Did you grow up on a diet of catastrophe novels? Classics such as "War of the Worlds", "Death of Grass", "Day of the Triffids", "Greybeard", "The Purple Cloud" and so forth? Did you hone your teen angst through a diet of disaster stories? This book won't exactly take you back to that Golden Age… because the purpose of "Catastrophia" is to revitalise this sub-genre of Science Fiction for the early twenty-first century. To bring a modern sensibility and craft to the business of ending the world as we know it. These days, there's plenty of catastrophe on screen - whether it be at the cinema or on TV - but we have somewhat let the subject slip in the literary world. No longer! Award-winning editor Allen Ashley has collected 18 brilliant brand new stories from a mix of established and emerging authors that will take you way beyond Wyndham and well past Wells. Catastrophe stories are alive and kicking. Buy this book, read this book… while we still have a world in which to do so!


  • 01 - Introduction by Allen Ashley
  • 02 - Fade by David Gullen
  • 03 - A Hard Place by Carole Johnstone
  • 04 - Up by Andrew Hook
  • 05 - Steven's Boat by Billie Bundschuh
  • 06 - Noose by Adam Roberts
  • 07 - Check by Robert Guffey
  • 08 - Something for Nothing by Joe Essid
  • 09 - The Phoney War by Nina Allan
  • 10 - Happy Ending by Simon Clark
  • 11 - Nanoamerica by David John Baker
  • 12 - Pixels on a Screen by Patrick Shuler
  • 13 - Scalped by Jet McDonald
  • 14 - Gravity Wave by Douglas Thompson
  • 15 - In The Face of Disaster by Ian Sales
  • 16 - Trouble with Telebrations by J. B. Harris
  • 17 - The Long Road to the Sea by James L. Sutter
  • 18 - Crashes by Stuart Young
  • 19 - Hapless Humanity by Brian W. Aldiss
  • 20 - Brief Author Biographies
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