Robert Silverberg's Monsters and Things [Trade Paperback] edited by Stephen Jones

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A trade paperback collection of Horror


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A COLLECTION of Robert Silverberg stories edited by Stephen Jones
FRONT COVER ART Originally published on Monster Parade No. 2 (November 1958)
PAGES  512

Signed Hardcover — ISBN 978-1-78636-898-0  [£50]


When you think of Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author Robert Silverberg, you most probably think, “Master of Science Fiction”. Or, perhaps, considering his 1980 novel Lord Valentine’s Castle and the other books and stories in the author’s “Majipoor” series, you may consider him a “Master of Fantasy”.However, it is probably highly unlikely that most people would ever consider Bob to be a “Master of Horror”. 

And yet, there was a time—in the late 1950s—when Robert Silverberg was churning out all kinds of fiction at a prolific rate: science fiction, crime fiction, men’s adventure fiction, softcore porn and, yes, even horror fiction!  In those days he was turning out an estimated million words a year, necessitating the use of multiple pseudonyms. Many of the stories published in this volume have never been reprinted before—they are drawn from a wide variety of magazines, from Fantastic and Super-Science Fiction to such rarities as Monster Parade and Monsters and Things.

In the following pages you will find vampires, werewolves, ghouls, mad scientists and, yes, monsters and things—both alien and terrestrial. I have selected these twenty-seven stories because I not only thought they were entertaining, but perhaps more importantly, that they deserved to be rescued from obscurity.


  • Foreword: Robert Silverberg: Master of Horror by Stephen Jones
  • Introduction: Little Monsters by Robert Silverberg
  • Freak Show
  • The Werewolf Gambit
  • Call Me Zombie!
  • Dig That Crazy Scientist
  • The Man Who Believed in Werewolves
  • Secrets of the Torture Cult
  • Coffins Are for Corpses
  • “Find Me a Victim”
  • Crossroads of the Ghouls
  • The Thing Behind Hell’s Door
  • Demons of Cthulhu
  • Mournful Monster
  • Vampires from Outer Space
  • A Cry for Help
  • You Can’t Cheat Death’s Demon
  • The Undertaker’s Sideline
  • Guardian Devil
  • The Day the Monsters Broke Loose
  • Beasts of Nightmare Horror
  • The Horror in the Attic
  • Monsters That Once Were Men
  • Birth of a Monster
  • Planet of the Angry Giants
  • Which Was the Monster?
  • The Loathsome Beasts
  • The Monsters Came by Night
  • The Insidious Invaders
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