The Mad Butterfly's Ball [Signed Hardcover] Edited by Preston Grassmann & Chris Kelso

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A signed hardcover anthology of HORROR & DARK FANTASY limited to 100 copies. A Trade Paperback edition is also available



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AN ANTHOLOGY edited by Preston Grassmann & Christopher Kelso
CATEGORY Horror / Dark Fantasy
COVER ART  Richard A. Kirk
INTERIOR ART  Yoshika Nagata, Dempow Dorishima & Richard A. Kirk
PAGES  380

Signed Hardcover — ISBN 978-1-80394-341-1  [£40]


The Mad Butterfly’s Ball is an essential compendium of stories dedicated to the lurking horror and profound wonder of those that live, largely unseen, in the world around us—the enigmatic insect! Featuring original and new works by Clive Barker, Jeffrey Thomas, Kaaron Warren, Paul Di Filippo, Eugen Bacon, and many more, alongside classics of the subgenre, The Mad Butterfly’s Ball is the largest and most comprehensive anthology of its kind, with stunning illustrations by Richard Kirk and Yoshika Nagata. 



  • Insects and the Poetics of Estrangement - Preston Grassmann
  • Hive PoliticsChris Kelso  


  • Upon a Milk Warm Dawn – Clive Barker
  • Hivehead – Paul Di Filippo
  • The Wings of Mourning – Jeffrey Thomas
  • The King’s Walkingstick – Richard A. Kirk
  • Butterflies of Eastern Texas – Kij Johnson
  • The Nature of Bees – Priya Sharma
  • The Absent Swarm – Tom Over
  • The Dream of Akinosuke — Lafciado Hearn
  • The Man From Nowhere – Eugen Bacon  
  • Lysergic is The Circle of My Secret – Joe Koch
  • After the Flood – Anna Tambour
  • Eejelé – Nuzo Onoh
  • Possum – Matthew Holness
  • Warning Wings – Arlton Eadie
  • Scarabaeus – Rumi Kaneko (translated by Preston Grassmann)
  • The Roaches – Thomas M. Disch
  • The Ladybug – D.R.G. Sugawara  
  • Mantis Wives – Kij Johnson
  • Jenny Longlegs – Chris Kelso & Brian Evenson
  • Not Just the Stars that They Devour – Matt Neil Hill
  • Honeydew — Dempow Torishima
  • The Empire of the Ants – H.G. Wells
  • The Parliament of Wasps – Preston Grassmann
  • Caterpillars – E.F. Benson
  • The Ruins with a Spectator – Kaaron Warren
  • The Hollow Electricity of Tiny Papery Wings or the Pinprick in the Powder — Christopher Young
  • An Egyptian Hornet – Algernon Blackwood
  • Wrapped Up — Ramsey Campbell
  • Decomposer – Alvaro Zinos-Amaro
  • Death is like the Insect – Emily Dickinson  


  • The Praying Mantis – Henri Fabre
  • Entomophilia: A Case for the Defence – Preston Grassmann
  • The Death of Conrad Unger – Gary J. Shipley
  • Mimic and Starship Troopers: Us and Them – Jon Greenaway
  • The Ancient Cockroach – Chris Kelso
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