The Unquiet Dreamer: A Tribute to Harlan Ellison [trade paperback] edited by Preston Grassmann

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AN ANTHOLOGY edited by Preston Grassmann
COVER ART  Yoshika Nagata
PAGES  575

Trade Paperback— ISBN 978-1-978-1-78636-991-8 [£16.99]


As Nabokov says, “I think it is all a matter of love; the more you love a memory the stronger and stranger it becomes”.

It was in 1998 at Dangerous Visions Bookstore, when a seismic shift altered the foundations of the room—in walked Harlan, the man who had written “Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes”, “Repent Harlequin . . .” and “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream”. The man who had met Bruce Lee, mouthed off to Sinatra, marched in Selma, had lived through the insanities of Hollywood producers . . . Something had happened to the crowd as if they had fallen into the path of a McCormick thresher—husks torn away to reveal something essential in their awe-struck silence.

I knew all too well how meeting one’s heroes can turn out badly, but I was indefatigable in my youth and I told him my dream of putting together an anthology someday, with a TOC that included some of the very writers in this book. “That’s a pretty nifty list,” he had said. “Do it, kiddo.” As the years passed, the dream had fallen by the wayside, but Harlan never let me forget.

And though I wish Harlan could see it, the dream is finally here—a book full of memories and love—thirty-three international contributors who have joined together to celebrate his life. It’s strong and strange in ways I never expected, full of inspired ideas, anecdotes and stories of Harlan.

Preston Grassmann


  • Introduction: Older Than Five, Younger Than Twelve
  • Foreword 1 Second Father/First Child - Josh Olson
  • Foreword 2 Harlan Ellison s Influence on Me - Ellen Datlow
  • Aye, and Gomorrah - Samuel R. Delany
  • The Way You Came In May Not Be The Best Way Out - Paul Di Filippo
  • A Thin Silver Line - Steve Rasnic Tem
  • On an Old Man s Contemplation of an Archway Sealed with Stones - Adam Troy Castro
  • Hums - Peter Crowther
  • The Re-Evolution of Cloud Nine - Nikhil Singh
  • The First of Many Shudders - Kaaron Warren
  • Break Into Three - Nick Mamatas
  • Twelve Letters to My Daughter on the Moon - Ian McDonald
  • The Last Shout of the Beast - Bruce Sterling
  • Alice's - Lisa Tuttle
  • Digger Split. - David Gerrold
  • The Wedding Gown - Jeffrey Thomas
  • And Everywhere That Mary Went - Anna Tambour
  • Amniocryptic - Alvaro Zinos-Amaro
  • Build Your Own Monster - Rumi Kaneko (translated by Preston Grassmann)
  • Race Across a Vanishing Landscape - Gio Clairval
  • Rave On - Gregory Benford
  • The Collaboration - Allen M. Steele
  • The Man Who Saw Wakanda - Steven Barnes
  • The Starfucker Dyad - Rich Larson
  • With Frank and Lucinda Brewer at the East Pole - Gregory Norman Bossert
  • Perfection - John Skipp & Autumn Christian
  • Silicon Times e-Book Review - Greg Bear
  • The Seer - Chris Kelso
  • Live Inside Your Own Sky - D.R.G Sugawara
  • Various Kinds of Conceits by Arthur Byron Cover
  • Five Years Later - Scott Edelman
  • The Fragments of a Hologram City - Preston Grassmann
  • Flies - Robert Silverberg
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