We All Hear Stories in the Dark [Trade paperback set] by Robert Shearman

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HORROR / FANTASY: A 3-volume collection of trade paperbacks


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World Fantasy Award nominee 2021

"Best Collection"

A 3 VOLUME COLLECTION by Robert Shearman
CATEGORY Horror / Fantasy
INTRODUCTIONS by Michael Marshall Smith, Lisa Tuttle, Angela Slatter and Steven Moffat
PAGE COUNTS Volume I [586] Volume II [628] Volume III [585]
ISBN 978-1-786364-62-3


  • ​​​three trade paperback volumes.
  • heavy artistic involvement from Reggie Oliver with stunningly intricate line art images for each story.

Nothing quite like this book has ever been attempted before. The premise is that stories always change their meaning dependent upon the order in which you read them—and as you work your way through the peculiar tunnels of We All Hear Stories in the Dark the odds against anyone else ever treading the same path as you become exponentially unlikely. Bluntly, every reader's journey through the book will be entirely unique. You will be the only person who ever reads your version of WE ALL HEAR STORIES IN THE DARK.

Once upon a time there was a man who lost his wife, and tried to find her by reading all the books in the world.

An old woman sits in the dark. She has 101 stories to tell you—the last stories in existence. But the route through them is challenging. Each tale branches into multiple paths, dependent upon the choices you make.

Navigate your way through a labyrinth of colliding and contrasting tales. A brand new Arabian Nights—except this time Scheherazade isn’t spinning yarns to save her own life. Follow the right path, and win back your wife from the dead.

There are fairy tales and myths, adventure stories, horror stories. Comedies and tragedies, fantasy and fables and realist tales of modern life. Some of the stories are funny, and some are moving. Some of them are frightening. Most of them are very, very strange.

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Betsie Jones
- Hamilton, Ohio, USA
5 Stars

Family Heirloom-worthy books

This unique 3-volume book is a dark and wondrous journey through 101 stories. I started reading it on its release last year, and pick it up all the time for a new story.

The best part is, there’s no straight path through. At the end of each story, you are given five choices of which to read next, following moody or topical threads, at your whim. Comedy, mystery, tear-jerkers, horror, fables - they’re all here.

It’s tempting to call it a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book, but there is so much more to it. Your grandkids will love you for handing these tomes down to them in your will.

Matt H
- Scotland
5 Stars


My god, this is good.

Heard about it via the Backlisted podcast and now on my third attempt to navigate the whole thing. Definitely one of the best things I've read this year.